Diagnosing Asperger’s

In my practice, I use a variety of methods to diagnose Asperger’s Disorder. I combine a thorough Clinical Assessment, Rating Scales and home or work observations and professional consultations with other professionals, such as your psychiatrist, teacher, spouse or partner and family members.

For the Clinical Assessment, I ask you in depth about what symptoms affect you the most and how they affect your life. I take notes as we speak and develop a comprehensive understanding of your concerns.

Assessment Rating Scales: I often assess the many symptoms that clients and parents describe to me. When developing a treatment plan, I utilize Rating Scales to assist in identifying the severity of the symptoms and which symptoms to focus on first. I prefer to use the GADS Rating Scale , although there are a few available, and most are very reliable at identifying core symptoms of Asperger’s. For a comprehensive review of the rating scales, please visit .

Lastly, I pride myself on confidentiality and will not share this information with anyone without your permission. I can provide you with a diagnostic letter upon the completion of the assessment. Most assessments take one to two 50 minute sessions in the office, and one 50 minute session at home or work as needed.